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By June 30, 2022No Comments

This will be the most interesting part when you will know the emotional and social aspect of me. I have had incredible life experiences and lessons with people. I guess my soul asked for adventure.  I will eventually be opening up myself more and more to share my experiences, the choices I made in life situations, my beliefs and learnings as I grew. How I made my limitations/weaknesses into my greatest strength.(My secret- I have always believed that god will always do what is in highest good for my/your soul ascension) This belief helped me overcome hopelessness. I will elaborate more later.

I will specifically not want to mention the people in my life because I haven’t taken their permission to mention their context or part they played in my life or may be I  will get their consent later. I like to thank each of them sincerely for being in my life.  Sometimes I marvel, what an inner adventure and emotional roller coaster ride I have had! Thank you God!

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