Balance in the midst of turmoil

Simple formula

Balance = Focus+ presence+ Coherence

Balance is hard to achieve and it comes with lot of inner work. The hardest of which is letting go of attachments and ego. The key to let go of these thoughts is to quickly remember you are just energy and so is everyone and we are all connected and helping each other rise. This will generate oneness and love, resulting in coherence. Life is an illusion, if we attract positive thoughts and feelings love and light flow. 

 Understanding focus with this example, if we remembered our role and dialogues and not our co-actors lines, shot of a movie can be done in one take, focus is easier to achieve if we stick to our thoughts and roles..

Presence – what is , is that is! There is nothing before and after, all that is, is in the moment! It is a simple thing, easier said then done, but with practice and determination, it can be achieved.

Our core always feels light and blissful when we are in harmony.

Harmony is created when  inner balance equals outer balance!

When our mind body and soul come in sync, we feel inner balance. Our thoughts, words and deed as a result of our inner state create the outer reality/balance.

Ironically we keep conditioning and scrubbing our body, if we realized our body is extension of our mind, things would be much easier and simple. ~ Deepika

Being in present which means, neither living in the past memories nor anticipating the future. bringing the mind to present still-now moment in oneness with all. It is a place of non attachment with your so called assets, position, body, mind or situation. Once you have a moment of stillness during your meditation .You will experience your heart swelling up like balloon in love and eventually you will experience rising like a balloon, sustaining your raised vibrations and being in this state, will give a green signal to your soul ascension to kick start. I believe Living life to our very best is in our hands, by making the right choices, exchanging what truly belongs to you- which is love and light and NOT matter, you will then be in state as nobody (egoless) thus attracting reflection of your being around you that prevails as love and light! In order to explain this experience or to live in this experience all we need to do is open our hearts wide and feel connected with each other in love, in harmony, gratitude, compassion and whilst we do this unification takes  place within and around us, what is around us is the reflection of our being.  Whenever the pure and liberated thoughts prevail in mind, positive electric field is generated and when we feel oneness and harmony our heart opens and magnetic field generates around. The electromagnetic field around our body expands.Our mind body and soul start to come in sync in process we feel moments when we are connected to source, experiencing absolute bliss. The in vitro and in vivo medium around the cells starts changing in biochemistry and cells thrive to their very best. When we live in positive emotions and feelings, love fills in so much that there is no room for any other thing, well to say it better, nothing else is worth this feeling. This requires practice though, strict discipline, self control, will power and focus and being detached. There is a very thin line which exists between being and doing. And to live in balance between the two we need to be conscious. 

Bhagwat Gita sholka “Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani” You have right to work only on your karma, but never of its fruits.

let not the fruits of action be the motive nor let your attachment be to inaction.

Present moment is what that is.  My gist of Gita – Dissolve/kill your inner demons and keep your focus on presence in thoughts, words and action.

I will be sharing my meditation experience later. 

The other teacher which keeps you conscious is hardship. Testament of that is Sages/rishis have meditated in extreme conditions to attain enlightenment. Adverse conditions and Hardship constantly challenge you to overcome it. You look for help around but in reality when you go within it is within you and has always been within you, it was just waiting to be tapped. 

Being in nature is what I look forward to each day, I am a nature lover, nature connects me to divine, All the elements of nature/wild life, birds not only shows us signs from universe but also teach us life lessons. All we need to do is dwell in nature with curiosity, observe feel and absorb. 

 I also feel is that what we see around or attract is the reflection of our thoughts. Each thought we send out is what creates your future or reality around. So we must be conscious to keep our intent clear, believe in our self , trust the  universe and surrender for the outcome. 

Law of attraction – says-  Ask and you shall receive, but what is important here is to feel what you want to ask . When you start living in the feeling of fulfillment with what you desire the entire universe gets together to bring that to you on the platter. Feeling is important, always remember you are embodiment of love, love creates feelings that opens your heart to give and receive. 

I strongly feel that what is, is just right, 

for you, at a given time.  Sometimes we feel we have lack of resources. But  I believe universe takes care of us and provides us what we need. It is for us to realize that universe wants us to tap our inner resources. As you work along with me I will guide you how you can muster strength at these times and situation and rise up as more powerful You!

Self purification, self introspection and and self realization are stepping stones, whilst you take your steps you may identify some areas need transformation, trauma, fears, belief, depression or some things you think you need more work on. At this point I want to emphasize to you that you are to take them as gifts from universe and be grateful for what is. Once that is done metamorphosis starts. You will learn how you can embrace you once thought your weak self and transform it to be  your greatest strength.  While inner alchemy manifests, you will still have to continue working hard to sustain, that being said, You will wonder and be amazed when you see the results for yourself. The biggest discovery is yet to happen when you meet yourself. I can’t wait to witness this along side you!