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Each somatic cell is intelligent enough and can sense what is right for it. If my thoughts and services resonate with you and you feel called please contact me on the form below.
You are priceless and so am I, I do not know how to quote the price to my gifts that I am offering, it is actually essence of my life lived. Nevertheless, I think, even if one of you finds it helpful in your journey it will be a reward to my efforts. But to support my living expenses and time $369/- for a 90 minutes private therapy sessions, the kits/programs will be at a more affordable price though, free resources are enough to get you started. I am hopeful and trust the chain goes on and we keep offering our gifts to each other. In hope for unconditional flow of limitless love. ~ Deepika

I love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental, emotional being, work towards balanced living, fitness of mind and heart or tranformation. Mindmingles provides the resources to do so in a healing, holistically and friendly environment. Learn more about me by getting in touch with a member of our team today.