Nature connects me to divine!

Your inner nature is what reflects in nature around. Sometimes just by seeing a scenery we get awe struck, just imagine virtually seeing it? From times immemorial monks have practiced meditation in forests. Schools used to be in ashrams/ hermitage and students were encouraged to spend time in nature, meditate, do humble tasks, live in hardship and learn in natural surroundings. There was a reason to this education system, because this enhanced learning experience, eg: vision quests are held even today to get answers of life. Comfort, indoor life, electronic gadgets, city living and very many things of modern living have changed us, our thinking, our learning and self healing abilities. Lot of children today have not had the opportunity to witness the marvels of nature in real settings because of easy access to information on computers and TV. Meditation has been replaced by multitasking, natural settings to screens, humble tasks are considered menial, comfort living is new addiction. All this has changed the mindset and we are going very far from what we are, our true identity, true nature, true self. Authentic and meaningful has new definition. We all need a gentle reminder to question our being, "what is our true nature? what are we made of? where we come from and where we will go? - is universal energy that pervades in us, the answer to our quest? Do we realize we are missing out on the marvel of how each seed germinates to a plant, each seed has the capacity to grow into a full blown tree, all it takes in are the elements of nature, nutrients from mother earth - air, water, soil and the vital energy of sun. It is a wonder that each plant looks different in the color, size, texture, fragrance, and the food/value it provides. The processing done on food is so much so that we forget where the actual food is coming from its source and how it looks like in raw form? P.S: The keen observer in the picture is in quest to find himself in elements of nature.

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