O' Universe, open my heart in love, awaken my soul to light, dissolve my ego and let me roll in laughter

Heal with laughter, learn to laugh at yourself. Be present and see the world with curiosity, innocence and simplicity. Erase the worries, pain and sorrows with laughter. Activate the dormant child within you, enjoy playfulness, awaken with humor and revive your soul.

I am a certified laughter therapist from Centre of Excellence. This course is endorsed by Quality License Scheme. I am also a member of The Complimentary Medical Association. I have already completed my laughter facilitator course online. Laughter is an universal language, it is intrinsic and cannot be taught. Having said that, I still felt going through structured programs, because it will help me understand other aspects of it.
When I recall my earliest days of laughing, they were times spent with my father, he introduced art of laughing on simple things to me, like looking at the bird or a puppy or just looking at myself, lol. Although my dad was a medical doctor but his fun side had this innate quality in him to observe things with innocence and humor and see cuteness in everything around. It was amazing how he laughed out loud even in toughest times. I dedicate my laughter to my dad, a blessing in my life!
Thanks to god, I am double blessed, because I have had the opportunity of laughing with Dr. Madan Kataria for few years on skype call and I wish to surprise him and start laughing with him again, very soon. It gives me immense gratification that Dr. Kataria initiated, this great laughter movement across the globe, thousands of us are laughing everyday on laughter calls. He has been an inspiration to millions of people. He started this movement with a motive to heal and now millions are reaping the benefit of laughing, healing and spreading love.
I have never received complements for anything, but when I laugh everyone has something to say about my laughter, that includes Dr. Kataria. 🙂 Maybe this is one thing I can do, rather meant to do.
About Laughter- I can say one thing for certain, that "when we all laugh it spreads and when it spreads it heals" ~ Deepika.
I am planning on starting a fun call/group to have option of laughing and chatting under a group - "Laugh n Roll on Silly Chats"

We don't teach the baby to laugh or smile, a baby begins to smile when it is 3-4 months old. Sometimes even in sleep babies smile. Laughter and smiling cannot be taught because we are born with it, it is within us. It is the first sign of communication and is not bound by any language, color, gender or age. It is a universal language. It build relationships and always wants you to return to a happy place.

Have we ever wondered why child never needs a reminder to laugh but for us adults we need to be reminded to smile and laugh. Over time, as we grow up we loose sense of our true essence of who we are? get lost in the worldly matters and forget our innate gift which is within our reach, right within us. Let us try begin laughing and witness for our self what a miracle medicine it is. In my words “it is liberating.”

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