Dynamic of others & us

Mingle your unique color in oneness with others and be amazed to witness the canvas you create together.  ~ Deepika

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” It is a Sanskrit phrase from Upanishad meaning world is one big family.

I feel and believe that universal energy pervades as a ball of light and we are all a part of it, like tiny sparks of light. We come from the same source, made of same stuff, if we live our life feeling this, we will never feel disconnected. Neither from each other nor from source. But once we start to live in separation, let the ego sweep in, we become dissociated from the core. Ego then takes over and It takes years to get rid of that built up ego. Living with ego is like living with disease and to get this treated we need to heal. I also feel and believe we all go through this cycle in our lifetimes to live and experience every emotion. It is like universe goes on fast food diet to try i.e.  EGO, material world etc and then detox i.e come back to its original form. We are all the same except that we are at different stages in our journey of transformation, our soul matures and heals as we yearn to feel the universe/divinity within us. What has helped me in self-healing is the belief that if we originate from universe the universe will take care of us too, provided we believe that we are part of it, and the universal energy resides within us. It is like feeling the universe within. As a Buddhist quote says our work starts from within – ” Knowing yourself is start to wisdom”

Are our thoughts difficult or is it that what we see in others?

Is outer world our own reflection? When someone is being difficult or asks a difficult question or does not do things in the right way as you desire, it is time to observe and figure out what is that person trying to convey? Most times we take things personally and start getting upset about situation or the person but if we believe in oneness, then no one can harm us, rather the other person is trying to convey what we have not taken into consideration. If we start looking at situations like this there will be no war.

In situations when person who is really mean to other person, then in that case, person who feels hurt is normal, because he is sad that other person is diluting the oneness and therefore the person who bullys needs counselling. If people start becoming aware of this concept, there will be no weak and strong and infact the person who is really mean is the weaker person.

Synergy versus herd?

liking someone versus becoming a follower?

Emotions, feelings, selfish interest, pleasure, money, sex, anger, proud, greed, jealousy, ego, complex, belief system, values, etc are all crucial in mutual dynamics . Will elaborate more later…

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