The path to finding you

The path we create is our own unique journey to light. Hardships, dark nights, loneliness , unforeseen or harsh conditions all are mere tests to our spirit. It is about believing in yourself and continuing to persevere with trust that light shall shine! and it does….shine! ~ Deepika

I have not read very many books neither have I received a structured training and nor did I go to a so called “branded” college. What I have done more often is observe, feel, try, experience, listen, learn and live. Based on that I have written down some of the stuff. There have been links and references to what I have felt and expressed in my writings in form of quotes or some writings in the past. That gives my writings some validation and I am thankful for that. I am glad stuff that I expressed has some base and backing. The crux of my writing comes from what my soul experienced and felt about basic principles of life. Everyone has a way of expressing it though.

I feel….



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